Experience. Counseling. News. Social media. Testimonies.

All of these factors have proven over time that of a truth our mothers enabled chronic laziness in most fathers.

In some of our homes, it is not rare to see a father who can’t attempt to boil water to help make food for the children if the mother isn’t around or maybe running late.

It is also not rare to see a father shouting down thunder and lightning if food is delayed while he sits idle in the sitting room as mother battles cooking and care-giving to a crying baby strapped to her back.

These were their times and it worked for them.

NOW, our times have changed and these scenes will be frowned upon by many once pictures of stories of such hit the internet. But why shouldn’t it when both parties have careers and are contributing to the economy of the home and the nation

But since many of us are our mother’s daughter, the baton of enabling laziness has been passed down to us and we’ve set out to run a sprint.

Enabling laziness is the 21st-century crime and should be stopped, especially if you will come online and on national television to say your husband doesn’t help, assist or contribute to chores or responsibilities around the house.

It begins when you are dating or courting.

“No, don’t worry, I’d handle the cooking, washing, cleaning, and errands”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m a woman, that’s our job description”

“Never mind, my hands are still well, chores won’t kill me”

It may look cute but it bites in years to come.

Except, you know, you won’t mind the bite marks.