Christians who jump from post to post getting angry, throwing abusive words and recording to insults when people make statements borne out of the frustrations they’ve faced with encountering Christians and churches, I am here to remind you that even Jesus is ashamed of your lack of tact. HOLY SHAME.
Just because you’ve had certain experiences doesn’t make their experiences and their frustration invalid.
The rants of others, the emission of pent up emotions, pain and discouragement embedded in such posts and conversations should be a pointer to the decadence within Christendom and the amount of work, and personal transformation that many people who are “supposed’ to be ambassadors of the right kingdom cultures, value systems and right principles of the Kingdom of God.
It is a pointer that we have much work ahead of us in terms of representation. Bearing in mind, who we are representing.
Hence, throwing insults at others shows you are also lacking in the virtues of the kingdom you say you represent.
We should realize that we will be held accountable by the world and people we interact with daily, same way we demand our politicians are held accountable.
If you do not want to be a Christian who gets called out on social media for shady behaviour, then it is safe to say, you shouldn’t be a Christian.
We need to go back to drawing near and learn the agenda of the kingdom you represent and the values, the principles, the values and culture of said kingdom.
It doesn’t begin and end with “you will be blessed”.
It goes far beyond screaming scriptures and church stickers on your cars and doors.
It goes far beyond finger advocacy on social media.