Maureen Alikor and books
When my personal transformation journey started a couple of years ago, first I took stock of the problems, the experience and the outcomes I didn’t quite appreciate.
After this very important step, I was able to come to terms with where I was, envisioning the future I wanted was a bit difficult given that my present reality didn’t look like where I was headed, it was important to embark on another level of self-quizzing.
Answers came and my direction was birthed: I call that stage “the prognostication stage”.
The transition between point A and point B became my next line of thoughts.
I began seeking ” the how” and relevant and wise avenues to achieve what I wanted and reading became an integral part of that journey.
Although I had been taught to read by an uncle (I love him so much), I didn’t fully grasp the extent of my need to read.
But reading showed me that why I needed to read
* to develop my mind
* to refocus my journey
* to grow my vocabulary
* to learn wisdom keys
* to master patterns
* to feed my dream
* to fortify my vision
And many more reasons
CHOOSING WHAT TO READ wasn’t difficult because I already had a plan, I sourced & keep seeking relevant & requisite wisdom hidden within the pages of a book.
* * * *
Why do you read?
What’s your favourite book?