demystify abuse campaignSeeing many updates and comments in social media following the issue of rape we are facing, I have come to understand that one of the many toughest battles we are faced with is IGNORANCE.
Not even the rape culture that has become a norm is as much problem as our ignorance of the evil called rape (which is the perversion of sex: a beautiful gift given to mankind by God,)
When a group of people is ignorant about a matter, fighting it becomes twice as hard…
…what we don’t understand, we can’t fight, we can’t stop and we can’t make serious progress in curbing it…
Because we will always face roadblocks and hard-headed human beings who will and who still make light of a matter as life-shattering as rape.
The varying definition of rape that has popped up on social media for a while now has me in shock and in pain all through…one of which is “consented rape”.what is consented rape by demystify abuse campaign
How can those two words be found together, when rape is any and every sexual act that occurs without consent.
Our ignorance shows in how we approach it,
It also shows in our conversations,
how we expect a victim to react and
how long a victim should speak up.
This is why the issue of rape and fighting to put an end to it will keep being a herculean task.
I went to a secondary school for a sensitization exercise and was shocked at the outcomes of the conversation.
The rot has gotten so deep that even our children have been damaged with the kind of mindset they carry.
Many young people of my generation who will become parents and some that are already parents are and will be terrible parents.
Follow their social media platforms and see their mindset.
Where do we start?