Developing Core values by Maureen Alikor Growing up, it was only companies, churches or other organizations that had core values… And I was always curious and wondered what they were.

I got older and discovered the pattern in the words they used in conveying their core values.

I saw the words but didn’t understand why each of them chose the words captured in their core values…

In my quest to understand life and my assignment on earth, I joined my Church in Port Harcourt and there I got a clearer understanding of what core values were and why everybody should have them.

*What Are Core Core Values*

Core Values are the sets of words or phrases crafted from our belief systems that govern our behaviour and our decisions. These values are what we use in measuring and defining what is wrong and what is right.

For many people their *Core Values* hold no significant meaning to them, they simply have them because it is fashionable to say you your set of *Core Values*.

And it makes them look responsible.

👌You can identify these set of people because their life is usually the opposite of what they say they value.

An example will be someone who says one of their *Core Values* is HONESTY and you’d see them acting in a very DISHONEST way.

🙌The Most Important Foundation Of A Core Value is on what basis you define what is wrong and what is right.

As an individual, I identify as a Christian, so the foundation of what I call right or wrong is gotten from the systems and Values of the Kingdom I belong to: that is the Kingdom of God.

In the Kingdom of God, there are beliefs we hold and there are principles we are supposed to hold dear because they guide us on our journey on earth.

So as I do life daily, I am aware of life after earth and the fact that I am here for a reason.

Now, on earth, the temptation to water down my principles based on the definitions of right and wrong on earth will be a dangerous game because I know the *things on earth are not consistent, it is always changing*.

It is always changing so it accommodates the weaknesses, Wickedness and the excesses of humanity.

I have also come to know that measuring my right and wrong based on what the world says can be fluctuating and deceptive.

*So as an individual seeking to develop and craft their own personal core values*

✍️Recognize what constitutes for right or wrong in your life.

✍️How do you measure what is right or wrong in your daily interactions with people…

🤔How do you know what to stay away from or what to stay with?


  • 😳Core Values help you hold yourself accountable.
  • 😳Core Values help you Measure your actions and decisions.
  • 😳Core Values help you know when you are wrong or RIGHT.

✍️It’s like a marking scheme you design for yourself.

Bearing in mind that *Your Core Values* is based on what is IMPORTANT TO YOU…

*These are some questions that can help you in crafting your Core Values*

Take your time, get a pen and a notepad, write down your answers

  • 😐What qualities are you likely to showcase?
  • 😏What do people say about you?
  • ☺️What makes you feel fulfilled?
  • 😅What makes you happy?
  • 🤣What excites you?
  • 😜What motivates you?
  • 😉What gives your life meaning?
  • 🤔What informs your decision making?

*These are my core values*.

1. Love: Love is important to me and it is always behind every action and every decision I make.

2. Respect: I recognize that every human being is important and deserves my respect.

3. Joy: I am a very joyful person and I am intentionally about getting involved in joyful activities.

4. Knowledge and Growth: I am always looking forward to growing and growth comes by learning, so I am on a knowledge quest. This is why I read and learn.

5. Intentionality: I have resolved to be more responsible with my life so I make intentional decisions that will birth the kind of life I desire.

6. Humility: I am always reminded that I should remain humble no matter what I achieve or own.

7. Excellence: I try my best to do all I do excellently.

Reading through mine, you’d realize my core values…

  • 📝help me hold myself accountable. It also helps others hold me accountable when I am doing things that are contrary to my values.
  • 📝help me measure my actions and decisions.
  • 📝help me know when I am doing what is wrong or right

In summary, be truthful to yourself in drafting your core values…

Ask people around you what they admire about you.

Also, ask them what they think you should change.

Ask them what they know you do better.

Ask them how your presence in their lives makes them feel.

As you get these answers, be rest assured that these words are not the final authority on your life, but they will help you in your journey.

If you’ve been able to draft yours…drop a comment.

You can always send me a private chat so we review them together.

Remember, life is not meant to be perfect, but it’s meant to be evolving so you don’t have to kill yourself just because you want to craft perfect Core Values…

I am always reworking and upgrading mine. You can begin by crafting yours today and as you progress in life, it gets clearer.

I hope this post has been most helpful.