I am both sad & happy the lecturer in the #SexForGrades video is a Pastor. I’d share my reasons.

He is supposed to be a REPRESENTATIVE of Jesus Christ. TEACHING the values, principles and beliefs of the Kingdom of God. This shows there’s an anomaly in how ordinations are made.

It shows that NOT everyone that we call a PASTOR is fit for that position. We can’t promote people to pastoral position just because they say they’ve been in church for 20 years.
Becoming a pastor shouldn’t be judged by how many versions of the Bible a person knows and can recite.

Or how fierce their prayer pattern is.

Or how they scaled in the Bible College exams.

Or simply because their parents were Pastors, ministers or owner of a church.

Or even how much they scream and shout when they are holding the microphone.

It’s about time, the body of Christ wakes up to the ordinances on which the gospel is founded.

The Gospel of Jesus is clear, but we the followers and representatives ain’t.

Pastors MUST be held in high standards is dispensers of the word and beliefs of the gospel of the Kingdom.

But those of us who are called CHRISTIANS or BELIEVERS too should also be held in high standards too.

We must hold ourselves accountable.

It is safer to have 5000 Christians actively and passionately living out the Christian life, exemplifying the kingdom of God they say they represent than have the numbers hitting as high as 500 000 yet misrepresenting God here on earth.

This awakening when examined properly would affect how the church talks about the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

It will affect the messages and sermons preached.

Enough of the “come and take blessing” sermons many have fed for the their entire Christian life.

The template for Christianity SHOULD be clearly explained  to everyone: that way, when people are evangelized to, if at all there would be a need for that;they would be aware of what they are getting themselves into and what is expected of them.

I said if at all there would be a need for that because I am sure that if as Christians, we SHINE as expected, LIVE as Christ would and DO as the Holy Spirit guides, OUR FRUITS would be visible for everyone to see and people would enlist, willingly.

Take the recent exodus happening in Nigeria, many are running to Canada simply because of they have READ, SEEN and HEARD about Canada.

It’s the same thing with the Kingdom of God (Kingdom of Heaven).

If People WILL come of their own accord, but to WHAT are they coming to?

Imagine if Canada was badly and wrongly misrepresented, would Nigerians desire it as much as we do today?

I am sure they wouldn’t.

Fellow Christians, custodians of the values and beliefs of the Kingdom of God, we are called to REPRESENT a GOVERNMENT.

It’s our responsibility to learn about the government and what it’s agenda is…and shine forth as light; living out the kingdom culture here on earth.



1. Shouldn’t be called Pastors.

2. Need to remain under training

3. Need to reevaluate WHY they’re Pastors

4. Should Step down from pastoral roles and in humility ask the Holy Spirit to help them.

As Christians, we are to hold each other accountable, if we fail to do this; then we are not true representatives of the Kingdom of God.