Every rapist irrespective of age, position, gender, and race suffers two major MALFUNCTIONS and these malfunctions subtly or strongly back up their actions.


1. Lack of Purpose
2. Lack of Love (love for people and love of self)

An understanding of this, although unpopular sits at the back of my mind when discussing and tackling rape and it is often the reason why I advocate forgiveness.

I advocate forgiveness not because these rapists aren’t guilty and evil but because I also see an underlying pattern perhaps based on my life assignment.

It is always a shock to people when I say I have forgiven the guy who raped me.

I see the look (and comment) they give me, that of
a fraud.


– a liar
– an attention seeker


Some have even gone on to think I’m in denial of what happened while another group assumed I may have cooked up the rape story just to seek sympathy and public attention given how I handled that phase of my life.

However, my reality is, I try to process my and happenings not just from the place of self and desire to proffer a quick fix solution to the problem we have at hand, which is what we seem to be focused on.

We pay little or no attention to the WHY behind these occurrences we are faced with.

RAPE though a major problem on its own, is simply a SYMPTOM Of a larger EPIDEMIC that’s eating deep into our humanity. -Lack of Purpose and Lack of Love.

This allows me to see past the rape and the rapist and as such facilitates my ease to forgive the Unfortunate Instruments used by this epidemic to perpetrate its agenda.

So when I say, I am an advocate of forgiveness, i am not turning a blind eye to the truth of their actions, neither do I absolve them of every responsibility, but because they are also victims of evil, ignorance and the top 2 malfunctions listed above.

Every RAPIST or as I choose to address them UNFORTUNATE INSTRUMENTS must face the law as contained in the constitution.

I wish the constitution would be reviewed.(to what? You may ask.
I’d answer that in the coming articles and I’d also explain what the big deal is about FINDING PURPOSE & WALKING IN LOVE and how it affects rape