Convictions By Maureen Alikor

One life hack you MUST develop and own is the ability to have your own convictions that may not tally with the crowd and after putting your conviction to test that it’s sound, healthy and true (bearing in mind that truth is relative), be ready and convinced to stand by your conviction.

Sometimes, you are the ONLY ONE God gave that idea, that dream, that inspiration and it behooves you to share it, put it to work and build systems around it that will make it work.

In 2020, one of the areas of your life you must DEVELOP is your CONVICTIONS.

There are benefits to having and building personal convictions.

1. It gives you a sense of purpose and focus.

We often say, he who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

Ask yourself today, what am I standing for? And truly stand by it.

2. It helps you quit people and crowd pleasing.

This is one characteristic my generation is battling with. We are always “stanning” and “standing by” different people and different ideologies just because we are scared of seeing as the odd one out.

3. It helps you build and develop perspective.

Perspective helps you see things from more angles than one: yours.

There are many people and many angles to things. By the time you build your conviction, you’d be better equipped to understand that other people have their own conviction too and you’d also consider theirs too when making a decision or when passing judgement.

4. It reminds you of your humanity and frail nature, thereby making forgiveness possible.

I think many of us forget we are human beings.

We also forget we make mistakes. We also forget that we are often needing forgiveness from other people.

Having convictions will help remind you.

* * * * *

As you plan towards 2020, work and develop your convictions, it will save you much stress and much Stan in 2020.