There are SPECIFIC and DEFINITE REASONS why I share my rape survival story.

It is a very important story of my life that I’ve decided to share anywhere, with anyone and every point in time with the sole purpose of helping whoever is listening or reading realize the following…

👉Their life doesn’t end even if they had been raped (This is me speaking from experience💃💃💃💃)

👉Sharing their story is an important step through their healing and recovery journey.

👉Together, we can build an ecosystem of survivors whose goal will be to shatter stigmatization.

👉The blame is the rapist/abusers and not the victim’s or survivor’s.

👉Putting an end to rape and sexual abuse begins by breaking the culture of silence and secret code associated with rape.

I’d be interested in hearing or reading your story as we actively seek to build an ecosystem of survivors that would play a role in helping more people through their journey.

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