Castration of rapists may not be the answer - Maureen AlikorCastration as the punishment for rape: Yay or Nay?

Castration will not solve the problem of rape in Nigeria or in the world.

In fact, it may worsen it or at best make us “feel” as though we have done something about it, but from where I stand, we are simply feeding our self, national or international deception.

It is another “feel good” approach to curbing a deep rooted disease. We are used to offering temporary solutions to permanent and deeply rooted disease.

This deception is fully funded by the one himself who is the mastermind behind every rape you hear, read or see – The Devil.

Don’t roll your eyes.

You may be rolling your eyes at what you just read and I can understand why.

You may also be tempted to say, “this over religious people have come with this attitude of spiritualizing everything”, I can’t fault your thought process and your skepticism is very valid.

But, the truth for us as Believers in Christ Jesus still remains that this life is VERY SPIRITUAL and everything has happens on earth has a spiritual backing, impact and implication.

So back to the goal of this expose.

Rape as the evil it is, is a tool. A strategy. A means to an end.

A bad ass strategy I must say that has worked and has been working effortlessly.

But, it met its Waterloo.

Although we might be tempted to see rape as one of humanity’s decision and tactic to hurt and harm another, but it’s more than that.

Or we might limit it and say, it’s simply the choice of a rapist’s choice to perpetrate evil.

But there’s a limit of evil that mankind is capable of…

Let me focus on my flow of thought before I digress…

Rape as the evil it is, is a tool. A strategy. A means to an end.

It is one of the most effective people-manipulation, potential-sacrificing, dream-diversion and purpose-assassination tools used by the devil in achieving his agenda.

Every agenda has a strategy, every strategy is hinge on certain structures that aid the actualization of the agenda.

Frustration, Shame and Anger are the top three structures. And coincidentally or not, it’s the top three emotions or struggles of every victim of rape.

The Goal of the rape agenda which is people-manipulation, potential-sacrificing, dream-diversion and purpose-assassination is targeted at two categories of people.

1. Victims
2. Rapists

Every Rapist Suffers Malfunction And needs helpWe are well aware of how rape affects victims but we are ignorant of how it affects rapists.

And it will be difficult for us to see it, besides we see them as simply evil. We also focus on the act and not the big picture.

From our human understanding and dealing, mixed with emotions, anger and sentiments, castration may be a worthy punishment for rapist, but looking at from the other side, we are helping the devil do his work.

These human beings need help too and advocating for a rapist advocacy campaign or initiative is a mad and totally audacious idea, but I dare ask that we change our perspectives and see if we won’t move steps closer to riding the world of rape and even the thought of it from the mind of people.

It will die a natural death.

Rape as an evil exists and is still waxing very strong because we are still in ignorance about its operation and strategy.

That also why it has been masked in so much secrecy and mystery.

It’s all a ploy.

I’d share more on this my flow of thought as we progress.