Self Acceptance RevolutionIn my daily interactions with young people, one of the most predominant challenges we are faced with is what I call “The Problem of Self.

The Problem of Self is a concept that explains the daily battles every individual deals and must deal with as we journey through life.

I have learnt by personal experience and through my interactions with people that the highest form of limitation, anger, dissatisfaction and discontentment we face is with self.

We are our own greatest enemy and because we rarely look within us, we attribute our problems first to external factors and people. But the truth is, in many instances, we are ignorant of the level of Self hate we have been immersed in.

If I am interacting with you, I’d be able to decipher how deep you’ve fallen into the well of self hate or how far you’ve gone in your freedom from self-hatred.

– And one of the commonest ways I decipher this is in how you talk to or refer to yourself when you’re talking. And also in how you talk down on yourself when in the company of others, especially those you assume are “higher” and “better” than you are.

The journey through Self Acceptance is tricky but very powerful.

How do you see yourself?

Do you know how you see yourself plays a role in your general outlook on life, it affects your mood, and relationships with others, it affect your skin and it affects the energy and aura you transmit when people are around you.

So today, as we begin the #SelfAcceptanceRevolution : the journey through knowing Self, Understanding Self, Accepting Self and Ultimately Understanding and Accepting Others, ask yourself at least this question.

What is that one thing I don’t like about myself? How does it make me feel?

1. Be sincere with yourself.

2. Confront it.

3. Accept yourself.

4. Love yourself. (If you don’t, why should we?)

If you need help recognizing and identifying it, let’s chat.