Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak will always say “It matters how you learn” and that’s so profound, because how you learn what you learn affects what you learn and how you practice what you learn.

It also matter how you are taught about GOD and who they told you God is because it will ULTIMATELY affect..

1. How you see God

2. How you relate with and to God.

3. How you let God work in, for and through you

4. How your realize and recognize what is happening to you

5. How you represent and serve God

6.How you tell people about the God that you represent.

One misinformation that has eaten deep into the Christian fabric is the notion that Christianity is just another religion.

Unlearning this mindset will take us a lonnnnnnnng time and if the Holy Spirit: our teacher doesn’t intervene, we would keep living in this foundational error and it will keep affecting our walk and work with God.

CHRISTIANITY is a School of Thought.

Christianity is a government.

Christianity is a Behaviour…

… Behaviour of a group of people who are called Kingdom citizens whose Leader is Jesus Christ.

Christians are representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven (also called the Kingdom of God).

Christianity Equals KingdomIn this Kingdom, there is a culture an expected pattern of behaviour.

In this Kingdom, there are codes of conduct.

In this Kingdom, we as Christians are addressed as many things…

– Ambassadors

– Representatives

– Believers

– Royal Priesthood

– Disciples

– etc.

And all of these are lingua (languages) that represent a government, a kingdom.

There are a lot of things about the Kingdom of God we need to learn, unlearn and relearn.

But for starters, we should begin by realizing that Christianity equals Kingdom.

We should realize that Christianity is about the Kingdom of God.

Are you aware of this Kingdom?

Are you aware of the tenets of this kingdom?