There are 7100 languages in the world and about 2144 languages in Africa (This is according to the intrepid guide on google).

These languages exist to ensure communication takes place.

The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized because knowledge is transferred when communication has taken place.

As a language student, I was taught that communication takes place when information transmitted by the speaker filters through the noise and results in feedback on the part of the receiver.

So every time you understood what someone wrote or said, these stages were present.

Information > Noise > Filter > Feedback

Communication is important to humanity. At each point in time, we are constantly seeking ways to speak, express or portray our intent, our values, our ideas and ideologies.

Of all of the 7100 languages recorded, there is one very important language that needs to be added in your DAILY INTERACTIONS, ACTIVITIES, BUSINESS and WORK: this language is called EXCELLENCE.

And it is not synonymous with any tribe, nation or country in particular, it is a GLOBAL LANGUAGE.

Excellence is a language


Excellence according to google is “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good”.

Excellence is deciding to do what you do but with an extra effort with an intent to standout and be exceptional.

Excellence is doing what you would normally do, but with extra touch, extra care, extra attention,and extra charisma.

Excellence speaks, and it’s voice is very loud.

In 2020, Excellence should be one of your compulsory core values and ensure you speak excellence as fluently as you speak money.

Do you speak EXCELLENCE?