Financial Compatibility is when two people in a relationship have an agreement on how money should be handled in a relationship to avoid arguments.

Financial Compatibility is a thing and truth be told, it is a very wise thing to do.

My partner and I have an understanding of how our financial lives are interwoven and what we intend to keep running our home with our money and we are fine by it.

One of the things we agreed to do was:

1. Have a JOINT ACCOUNT for some family expenditure and we feed it on a percentage billing.

Let’s say if we agree on 30% monthly, then we each put in 30% of our earnings monthly.

We also put it into consideration that as we both earn, no one is been cheated.

2. Have a PERSONAL ACCOUNT for self love and self pampering.

God didn’t tie us to the umbilical cord of our partner when we were born.

Though we were born separate, marriage brought us together but we wisely understand that our individual lives MUST not totally die a natural death just because marriage happened.

Have you had the money talk with your spouse or partner?