On Building Emotional Stability by Maureen AlikorI have noticed a common trend among many young people in my generation and I am scared and worried for them.
I have noticed they do not have emotional stability to withstand some of the highs and lows that life WILL DEFINITELY bring their way. And it is so obvious they lack the emotionally stability to withstand these necessary hurdles that I am learning are POWERFUL LIFE PRINCIPLES.
In our ignorance, we wave these principles aside like an unwanted visitor.
I fear that we are becoming an over pampered generation, ridden with entitlement and alarming hunger for rebellion. We demand for things to work in our favour HOW and WHEN we want it, regardless of the principles backing them up.
But, life will still be life and Life takes its time, and only gives you what you deserve, not what you demand in arrogance.
It breaks my heart every time I see young people who have totally been shielded from the rain that will always fall and from the sun that is no respecter of persons, and this shielding can be attributed to either their parents, friends, social media and wrong information we have picked up.
Our pain threshold and discomfort threshold has drastically reduced and it is VERY dangerous especially in these times.
Sadly, we have worn rebellion as a cloak and arrogantly, we demand our rebellion to be accepted and respected because we believe we are entitled to our rebellion.
  • We rebel against delays.
  • We rebel against rules (without careful analysis of why they were put in place in the first place).
  • We rebel again life principles of growth and development.
  • We blindly rebel against or parents and delegated authorities.
I hate to break it to you, BUT life will always be life.
In this life, there are laws, there are rules, there are principles and there will be painful circumstances and they won’t respect you because you say so, you SIMPLY have to GO THROUGH them and not GO AROUND them.
As you strive to work, make money, as you strive towards developing yourself academically, pay attention to developing your threshold for discomfort, for pain and for unpleasant experiences.
– With love,,
Maureen Alikor (Your Next Door Human Development Evangelist)