Personal Growth AffirmationPersonal Growth Affirmations are words, phrases or sentences we say to ourselves that have power with themselves to help us come to a level of healthy self care, self love and self expression.

It is believed that we have the propensity to believe what we tell ourselves than what we hear others say to us. If we don’t believe what they say to us, it bears NO FRUIT in us.

On your journey to greatness, a major hindrance is what we say and we believe of ourselves. To make that big jump, you ought to actively and intentionally speak greatness into your life. Here are personal affirmations to guide on your journey.

15 Personal Growth Affirmation

1. I belong at the table of greatness
2. God made me and He made me unique.
3. I am the breath of fresh air the world needs.
4. My mind is powerful.
5. I am birthing innovative solutions and ideas.
6. I am a world changer, a difference maker.
7. My mouth speaks life, my tongue only words that energizes
8. I am light, I illuminate my environment.
9. I am attracting the favour and goodness of God.
10. I am a dispenser of love, and a carrier of amazing miracles.
11. I am wise
I am Salt, my world is better because I am in it.
12. I am exceptional.
13. I am virtuous and skillful.
14. I attract favour, pleasant experiences and high connections.
15. All that I am and all that I hope to be is made possible by and through God.

What are your personal growth affirmations?