Speak Up About Rape by Demystify Abuse CampaignSpeaking up about your rape experience is important to your rape recovery and survival journey Do you believe there are benefits of speaking up?

Do you know there are still many people who still have issues with survivors of rape for speaking up about their experience?

These group of people would shushhhhh you into silence and sometimes they believe they are shielding you from the taunting and the insensitivity of some humans.


What people fail to realize is, speaking up has benefSpeak up about rape by Maureen Alikorits and they include:

1. Speaking up is the easiest and sometimes fastest way a survivor can heal.

2. Speaking up contributes to breaking the silence code that ultimately feeds this societal menace.

3. Speaking up raises awareness on the existence of the rape culture among us.

4. Speaking up motivates the general public to seek ways to find solutions to the rape culture in our environment.

5. Speaking up helps a survivor’s esteem and self worth that may have been damaged following the experience.

6. Speaking up takes back the power the rapist may think he or she has over the person who has been raped.

7. Speaking up encourages others who have experienced same to speak up too.

8. Speaking up is an opportunity for a survivor to free their heart, share their vulnerabilities, and bring you into an awareness of why they act the way they do when they act the way they do.

9. Speaking up shuts the mouth of those who have taken it as a duty to blame instead of sympathize with those who had been raped.

10. Speaking up is an opportunity to remind the devil: the master craft behind EVERY story of rape, that he has lost yet another chance to make someone on the path to greatness feel like an ordinary peasant, therefore he has failed.


My name is Maureen Alikor, I believe a rape-free world is possible and I am actively contributing to birthing that world, but it is our collective responsibility.


DEAR SURVIVORS, if you would love to share your rape survival story, drop a comment or share on your social media pages and pleaseeee tag me @maureenalikor.

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