How Relationships Helped Me Survive RapeI just read a thread on twitter that brought back so many good and bad but necessary memories and I want to share them with you.
You might pick one or two things from this story or not.
💜 In November 2016, armed robbers broke into my house. I was robbed and raped at gunpoint, and before they left, I was sternly warned against telling anyone about the rape, if i liked my life and if i wanted to safely graduate from the university. (They assumed I was still a student).
After they left, my friend and I woke our neighbours and told them what had just happened. Soon, some police offers were called in and our compound was swarmed full with sympathizers and airgsiahdjdhwosbdh (🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣).
Next morning, I went to the hospital, and another hospital and another hospital. Results were out and it wasn’t funny.
It was traumatic, BUT, I wasn’t alone.
Let me pause here to say, sometimes, loneliness also eats deep into the pain, trauma or wound we are dealing with.
The pain or hurt we feel is not always from the experience, ALONE: there are other contributing factors. And loneliness(mental, emotional and physical) is one of them.
Back to my story.
It was a traumatic, painful and a trying season for me, but I was not ALONE and I learnt some lessons about people.

1. You are blessed when you have people who GENUINELY care about you as a person.

2. People who care about you won’t mind discomforting themselves just to help you heal and recover.
3. The good you do for others will always be paid forward.
4. You will reap WHAT you sowed, but not always from WHERE you sowed.
5. There are people who would NOT believe your story, even if you presented a recorded and video evidence.
6. Loving and caring people around you help you deal with painful life experiences. They make your journey or recovery, forgiveness and healing easier and faster.
💜 It was because of God’s strength and presence and the people around me that season that made it easier for me to come out of the rape experience a better, stronger and wiser person!
In all you do, BUILD MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS, because relationship is a CURRENCY.
– With Love,
Maureen Alikor (Your Next Door, Human Development Evangelist)