Maureen AlikorOne of the greatest life achievements I am proud of are the people I have met while on my life development journey.

These people have contributed in reinforcing my “Wild Wide Dream” (WWD as I call it) that there is so much a human can be than average which is often celebrated as popular and slammed with the “celebrity” label.

These people may not be as popular as you deem fit, if your definition of popular lies solely on social media numbers (SMN) and not a healthy blend of SMN and mental transformation and the power to contribute massively to touching lives and upgrading IQs, AQs, and SIQs of millions.

When I hear these people speak, teach, write or break grounds, my spirit rejoiced as Elizabeth’s did in the Bible.

If you are on the intentional journey of life development and desperately need to change your circle and the people that feed your developing mind, and the people you connect with on a different mental, physical, emotional and intellectual level, then you have to be RUTHLESS and UNBENDING about these sets of people.

1. Who you listen to.
2. Who you follow on social media.
3. Who you connect with on a daily basis.
4. Who you share your dreams and plan with.
5. Who is on the life journey you are on.
6. Who shares the same principles, values and beliefs as you.
7. Who you are called and destined for.

In my next post, I’d mention these people because they have been instrumental to my process and I am grateful to God that they have a part in them that believe in God and they believe in the availability and possibility of more.

-Excerpts from my book – Wild Wide Dreams