Retrospecting by Maureen AlikorI have heard a lot of people say you must never look back if you want to move forward, they are of the opinion that looking back always limits you from the future, but I believe that’s HALF-TRUTH.⁣ ⁣
⁣ As I would always say, the future is often impregnated by the past.⁣
⁣ Retrospect is a review of or meditation on past events.⁣
If you are keen on beginning an intentional journey to your future, you may need to engage the power of RETROSPECT-ING.⁣
⁣ I believe it’s a necessary step everyone must take at some point in time to ascertain where the journey to the future is headed.⁣
  • It helps you keep your humanity at the forefront of your mind, heart and head.⁣
  • It helps you plan⁣ your next steps.
  • It shapes your actions and decisions.⁣
  • It humbles you.⁣
  • It helps you cut others some slack. You begin to make allowance for the lapses of other people. Forgiving them and seeking ways to make people better then you met them.⁣
  • It helps you watch your progress.⁣
  • It also helps you pick from your lessons to appreciate principles and laws that you learnt that may come in handy for and to other people.⁣
  • It is powerful enough to show you your strengths and weaknesses.⁣
You shouldn’t run away totally from your past, you may be losing out on vital lessons yesterday was meant to teach you.⁣
⁣ What you shouldn’t do however, is let the past cripple your forward movement.⁣
Don’t look back to stay there, but look back to go forward.⁣