Dear Christians,

  1. I believe God is calling us to a higher level of communication and Koinonia with Him, especially in reference to what He is set to do in the body of Christ.
  2. I also believe that Christianity and the way we have practiced Christianity is being redefined and we as His ambassadors should be in on the current move of God.
  3. Truth is, if we want to live the way God, the King intends for us, many of us would have to resign our present job and wait to hear God’s voice and instructions per time.
  4. I also believe we need each other more than ever, because the days ahead will no longer be business or Christianity as usual.

    One prayer, I keep praying is for God to keep granting me that grace to hear his voice and heed his command or whispers.

    It’s been an interesting ride.

    To us, it can be confusing at times, but to the people around us who are not walking our journey, it would be foolishness and sheer fanaticism.

    One word of encouragement that should hold you firm is Romans 8:28.

    What has your Christian experience been like?