This is a  Deep Love Letter To The Men I Know And To Those I Would Come To Know Through This Letter

Dear Men,

I just want to let you know that there are a certain group of women whose decision to date you, least of all marry you is way past the car you drive, the house you own, the companies you own and or the money you have.

The truth is, because they know they can have or they have all of these things, they would be on the look out for “something higher”.

Their criteria or list will be based on the extent of your surrender to Christ, the connectedness of your heart in worship to God and your deep that calls out to their deep.

I mean deep, not the shallowness that has been masqueraded as deep.

I mean the deep that is subtle, yet powerful.

So, when you ask them out, even on something as little as a date, and they say “no”, it’s not pride.

They have already seen or decoded your substance and it’s on an energy level, they wouldn’t want to meddle with.

It’s not pride, it’s humility.

It’s not the type of humility you demand, the one that seeks to keep her subservient and totally dependent on you, like oxygen.

It’s the humility before Her maker, the one who she willfully allows to call the shots in her life.

If you hope to be with this kind of woman, read this post again, and again; then ask the Holy Spirit to help you love her right, because truly, of your own effort, you can do nothing.