Your mind plays a major role role in the outcome of your life and if you really wish to live a higher and levelled up life, you MUST consciously and intentionally reset your mind.

7 Steps To Reset Your Mind

1. Identify the need to reset your mind

2. Seek tools for replacement: replace your old mindsets with new mindsets. Change/rewire your mindset.

3. Visualize and see the new life supercharged by the new mindset grown.

4. Research Scriptures for God’s words and prophesy about you. Remember, He made and fashioned you.

5. Track your speech: Your speech plays a role in limiting or growing your life, so if you want change to something, you must track and recognize it.

6. Embrace Power words: After tracking your speech, become consciously intentional about changing the words that come out of your mouth to your ears.

Begin by choosing “power words”, these are words that you want to SEE in your life.

7. Use your words to build others: You can’t speak positive words to yourself alone, and talk down on others; it is the height of selfishness.