7 Personal Beliefs For When Life Doesn't Make by Maureen Alikor
These are 7 beliefs that help me make meaning of life, living and guides me through questions that life throw at me.
1. Life here is rehearsal for the spiritual life.
2. We, humans must rise up to the occasion of creating the world we want to live in.
3. In achieving number 2 above, I remember that humans didn’t create humans, God did.
So, if I want to build a world I would love to live in, then I must get to understand what God’s plan for humanity is and find a system that can position me to partner with God to rebuild the world.
This is what purpose is all about.
4. I pay closer attention to my spiritual life as much more important than this physical life.
5. I checkmate almost everything I get myself involved in here through the lens of spiritual soundness and relevance.
6. I hold God accountable to His word in the Bible, by Speaking His words back to Him.
7. I pray, especially now that I have seen prayer as a system to gaining spiritual insight to solving earthly problems, and an opportunity to draw strength for the work ahead.
I could go on, but these are some of the beliefs that guide my life here on earth.
Which belief resonates with you the most?