Maureen Alikor
Maureen is a love gift from Jesus Christ, committed to seeing you reclaim your identity, and equipping you to rise above the experience and unwrapping the God-ness in you.
This began as a personal journey, one I actively and intentional made a decision to take in 2012.
And 9 years later, I am super grateful to God for the grace and clarity I am gaining, and the spiritual enablement to see how He wired and equipped me to serve the world around me.
For every visionary or collaborative project you see me involved in, bear in mind that since clarity dawned on me, I quit living random.
I pause to question my motive.
I pause to understand the vision.
I pause to ascertain its role in the bigger agenda.
I pause to quiz the purpose it seeks to serve.
I try to understand the implication of my involvement.
2021 is not an ordinary year, and I am aware of this.
On the surface level, we truly haven’t seen 2021 before, but on a much deeper level, I am aware of some things:
-things are shifting,
-voices are being regained
-people are finding their true north
-avant-gardes will be many
-money will be made
-God will be more evident
-God’s kingdom will be well established in hearts
-many will be shocked
-and of course many will not escape the shock
Don’t be ignorant of the days we live in: STAY POSITIONED.