Maureen Alikor

I grew up confused, and unsure of why I existed.

Life and living was a routine, I had no definite direction: woke up everyday, joined the rat race, attended school, do what everyone was doing because “that’s how we’ve been doing it”, or “that’s how we met it”.

As I questioned norms, traditions, and life; it became clear many of us were simply EXISTING and not LIVING.

Merely existing meant, you were not making any demands on life, and you were helplessly at the mercy of whatever life had to give; and for me, the package included a dysfunctional family, sexual abuse, low self esteem, trauma, confusion, peer pressure, rape and many more unpleasant experiences.

Interestingly, my life took a different turn when I realized I could actually LIVE.

My quest led me through phases of self quizzing, interesting discoveries, taking responsibilities, flipping life scripts, making choices, learning, embracing myself, incorporating forgiveness and simply deciding to enjoy the beauty of creation.

I am flourishing in my realizations, and living my best life; not long after, it became clear not many young people knew what I knew, and it burned in me to share my revelations and truths with them, so in partnership with God, I am on the quest to help as many as I can LIVE INTENTIONALLY: giving expression to the God in THEM.