The following pieces of information are vital.
1. The marriage institution means different things to different people, so it would be unwise of you to assume every marriage is the same.
2. Individuals are unique, they are wired differently and have gone through different experiences, so the perspective and lens through which they view things, in this case marriage will vary greatly.
Know this, know peace.
3. The many tales of woe and stories of terrible marriages you read, hear and see doesn’t automatically mean that the institution of marriage is woeful, pain and terrible.
A marriage reflects the mindsets, beliefs, knowledge, experiences and confusion or clarity of understanding of each individual in the union.
4. You must intentionally wean and keep yourself away from feeding on too many sadness, negativity and woes.
Commit to building and feeding on healthy truths, opinions and the beauty of marriage as God instituted it.
Stop paying attention to only bad news about marriage, and start focusing on good and powerful truth, content and news about marriage.
5. That a person is a Christian doesn’t automatically mean they will make a good spouse.
This anomaly is so because we Christians have ignored the character moulding and spiritual maturity aspect of the Christian walk.
Sadly, you can see a Christian, whose life doesn’t reflect the qualities in Galatians 5:22-23.
6. Your comment MUST not be found on every trending news on failed and sad marriage news you see on your newsfeed or on Instablog.
Keep your fingers to yourself.
7. Don’t be quick to scream “it can never happen to me”.
Many people it happened to, didn’t know they would be found in such marriages.
Finally, know that it is not of Him that runneth or willeth, but it is of God that shows mercy, and I dare add, wisdom, patience and vision.