Dear Friends…This is a friendly reminder.
Life will test your declarations, confessions and proclamations.
If you say, I am strong, life will test it.
If you tell him or her, I love you, life will test it.
If you declare, anger will rule me no more, life will test it.
If you say, I am unruffled by life’s circumstances,
If you say, I stand in truth, life will test your claim.
If you say, I am intentional, life will test your intentionality.
If you say, I love people, life will test you by bringing certain people your way.
If you declare and confess God’s word over certain areas of your life, life will test it.
If you say, I will stop impulse buying, life will surely test your claims.
A lot of times, some of the challenges we face on a daily basis are tests indicating a statement we made, a resolve we arrived at, and decision we made.
Should we stop making declarations because life happens? NO.
What we can do is:
1. reframe how we define the challenges that come our way.
2. detect the gem on the other side of the coin (when you scale the hurdle).
3. remember, some of the scars we carry are testaments of our resilience.
4. remember, that life is in phases.
To everyone being tested by life, I see you, I celebrate you and I salute you.
You are building resilience.
You are a warrior.
Document your battles, your tears and your chapters.
Document your wins, victories and trophies, because they will come.