Maureen Alikor Oluwatobi I have been a student of the marriage institution for a while, and I am still learning.

Based on what I have learned so far, I believe there are 3 Kinds of Relationships or Marriages.

Caveat: This is based on my personal convictions.


1. Godless(or physical) marriage: as the name already implies, these types of relationship believe relationships are purely physical and have nothing to do with God.

People who have a godless marriage or union are usually those who don’t believe in the existence of God or those who believe in the existence of Goblin certain areas of life, but not in the marriage institution.


2. Standard marriage: these are marriages built by those who believe in God (read as Christians), but see marriage as earthly institution which has no heavenly or spiritual implication.

But they often desire to be marriage to Christians, and some others wouldn’t mind marrying people from other religion.


3. Kingdom marriage: these are those people whose entire lives revolve around living a God-centered life.

They see and believe everything they do or get involved in must in one way or another advance God’s kingdom agenda or be an opportunity to manifest, showcase or spotlight God.


I believe:

👉Knowing the type of marriage you wish to have will help you in CHOOSING YOUR PARTNER.

👉It will further reduce the number of heartbreaks.

👉It reduces, to a large extent the problem of mismatch and irreconcilable differences.

👉It prepares your heart for the level of work or grooming required because humans are also in divided into these 3 spectrums.


If you choose a Group 1 person, don’t expect a Group 3 behaviour or character trait.


It doesn’t always have to end in tears