Maureen Alikor is a Child of God, an active disciple of Jesus Christ.

A student of life on a mission to serve God, serve people and do my part in restoring the world back to God’s original design.

My 5-Fold Expression:

Maureen Alikor Stillwaters Spring Academy

  • Demystify Abuse Campaign: an organization established to combat the scourge of rape and sexual abuse. See our work HERE.
  • Stillwaters Spring Academy: A faith-based human development institute raising intentional catalysts, rediscovering their identity, and equipping them to create superior solutions to human problems. Join the Intentional Catalyst Tribe HERE.
  • Tabitha Chronicles: Our love expression where we extend and share the Father’s love to His children.
  • Ripplegasm Digital: We create strategy and solutions for brands that leverage digital media for growth and visibility.
  • Heralds & Regal: A house of brand passionate about fashion, event staffing and wall decor.

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