About Maureen Alikor

Maureen Alikor is passionate and Committed to Raising Millenials & Gen Z Intentionally Shaping Their Lives, Destinies, and Nation One Decision At A Time. She is better addressed as a Rape Survival Advocate and The Intentional Lifestyle Crusader.

I Was Once Confused


I grew up confused, and unsure of why I existed. Life and living was a routine, I had no definite direction: woke up everyday, joined the rat race, attended school, do what everyone was doing because “that’s how we’ve been doing it”, or “that’s how we met it”. As I questioned norms, traditions, and life;

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Maureen Alikor is a love gift


Maureen is a love gift from Jesus Christ, committed to seeing you reclaim your identity, and equipping you to rise above the experience and unwrapping the God-ness in you.     This began as a personal journey, one I actively and intentional made a decision to take in 2012.     And 9 years later,

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My Rape Survival Journey


 A couple of days ago while working on the book "First Aid Guide To Helping Rape Victims", and responding to a comment on the demystify abuse campaign blog, I read through my rape story, and began to laugh at how interestingly funny life can be.  And I believe strongly that because I was able to view

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7 Personal Beliefs For When Life Doesn’t Make Sense


These are 7 beliefs that help me make meaning of life, living and guides me through questions that life throw at me. 1. Life here is rehearsal for the spiritual life. 2. We, humans must rise up to the occasion of creating the world we want to live in. 3. In achieving number 2 above,

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