About Maureen Alikor

Maureen Alikor is passionate and Committed to Raising Millenials & Gen Z Intentionally Shaping Their Lives, Destinies, and Nation One Decision At A Time. She is better addressed as a Rape Survival Advocate and The Intentional Lifestyle Crusader.

Powerful Confessions For Survivors

Words are powerful. They strengthen your resolve to emerge as a survivor. Download these confessions/affirmations, and say them out often. TAP TO DOWNLOAD TAP TO DOWNLOAD

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7 Personal Beliefs For When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

These are 7 beliefs that help me make meaning of life, living and guides me through questions that life throw at me. 1. Life here is rehearsal for the spiritual life. 2. We, humans must rise up to the occasion of creating the world we want to live in. 3. In achieving number 2 above,

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I Almost Chased My Husband Away in 2016

I ALMOST CHASED MY HUSBAND AWAY in 2016 and I would have regretted it.   Let me give you gist. It was November 16th, 2016.   On the night the armed robbers broke into my apartment and raped me, I was on the phone with him. We were just 2 months old.   He was

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7 Steps To Reset Your Mind

Your mind plays a major role role in the outcome of your life and if you really wish to live a higher and levelled up life, you MUST consciously and intentionally reset your mind. 7 Steps To Reset Your Mind 1. Identify the need to reset your mind 2. Seek tools for replacement: replace your

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