About Maureen Alikor

Maureen Alikor is passionate and Committed to Raising Millenials & Gen Z Intentionally Shaping Their Lives, Destinies, and Nation One Decision At A Time. She is better addressed as a Rape Survival Advocate and The Intentional Lifestyle Crusader.

I Almost Chased My Husband Away in 2016

I ALMOST CHASED MY HUSBAND AWAY in 2016 and I would have regretted it.   Let me give you gist. It was November 16th, 2016.   On the night the armed robbers broke into my apartment and raped me, I was on the phone with him. We were just 2 months old.   He was

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7 Steps To Reset Your Mind

Your mind plays a major role role in the outcome of your life and if you really wish to live a higher and levelled up life, you MUST consciously and intentionally reset your mind. 7 Steps To Reset Your Mind 1. Identify the need to reset your mind 2. Seek tools for replacement: replace your

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8 Ways To Keep Depression Far

I am one of the persons who can say they have never been depressed. I don't mean to brag, but it is my reality. Looking back, I can only attribute it all to God. Quite frankly, there has been times where I had been worried, uncertain and unsure of where the next level i desired

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2 Major Hindrances To Our Anti-Rape Advocacy

I'd love to start off with a caveat, I am young and I don't claim to know it all or have all the answers. But, I have a strong believe about something we must or should know about as we passionate strive towards advocating against rape. WHO IS MAUREEN ALIKOR AND WHAT RIGHT DOES SHE

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A Love Letter To Men

This is a  Deep Love Letter To The Men I Know And To Those I Would Come To Know Through This Letter Dear Men, I just want to let you know that there are a certain group of women whose decision to date you, least of all marry you is way past the car you

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