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Dear Christians

Dear Christians, I believe God is calling us to a higher level of communication and Koinonia with Him, especially in reference to what He is set to do in the body of Christ. I also believe that Christianity and the way we have practiced Christianity is being redefined and we as His ambassadors should be

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My Personal Spiritual Biography

I was born into a Cherubim and Seraphim family on the 13th of February, 1990 (Birthday in a few days). My mother, the first love of my life brought me up in the way of the Lord, she taught me the Bible, taught me to sing, dance and to do good. One thing I vaguely

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Christianity Equals Kingdom

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak will always say "It matters how you learn" and that's so profound, because how you learn what you learn affects what you learn and how you practice what you learn. It also matter how you are taught about GOD and who they told you God is because it will ULTIMATELY

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On The Flyer That Spoke in Tongues

I didn't see the flyer or the said post or video made by Bishop David Oyedepo that's causing an uproar on social media but some things have caught my eyes and I'd like to talk about them. For starters, I am a BELIEVER in the Person Of JESUS CHRIST and an ADVOCATE Of The

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On Randy Pastors And The Kingdom of God

I am both sad & happy the lecturer in the #SexForGrades video is a Pastor. I'd share my reasons. He is supposed to be a REPRESENTATIVE of Jesus Christ. TEACHING the values, principles and beliefs of the Kingdom of God. This shows there's an anomaly in how ordinations are made. It shows that NOT

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