The House That Knew Too Much


I remember the day my foundation was laid, as the diggers with sharp metals dug into the earth with their tools I later learned were called shovels. My owner, B burst into tears and it made me uncomfortable, I thought my arrival was supposed to make her happy. I was so disturbed that I quaked,

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The Rescue


6:25pm The evening was cool, cool for a walk. I love taking strolls to the park to clear off my head from the day's activities and to breathe in freshness as I wallow in the richness of nature while listening to the tweeting of birds. Nature is simply beautiful at this hour and time and

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Space Boyfriend Returns


I noticed he always “liked” my posts on facebook. i did not know him personally, but knew people who knew him and I always heard niceties being said about him. Soon, i began taking interest when he would slid into my inbox and gosh I wished it was beneath the sheets. Our chats were intellectual

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One Day


One day, you'll wake up and find out you're the only person in the room. Your wife will enter and see you on the bed. She will scream and call for your children and workers. They will rush in and with all vigor, shake you on your bed. They will only see you on the

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Of desires


I sat by my window listening to him whisper all the whisperings he had to whisper to this lady sitting comfortably in his room, very close to his window. I could see her smile and look of admiration as each word dropped off his mouth and as his brows rose and fell each time. She

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