I sat by my window listening to him whisper all the whisperings he had to whisper to this lady sitting comfortably in his room, very close to his window. I could see her smile and look of admiration as each word dropped off his mouth and as his brows rose and fell each time. She


Sister’s Love


"Why isn't she from our tribe?" I heard his sister's voice bellowing from the kitchen where she had earlier dragged him to upon knowing he had proposed and I had accepted to be his wife. I felt the bile rise in my throat as each word she said cut through me like a double edged

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"Kpom kpom kpom" I heard the sound again, this time louder and clearer, it was the sound of the romance between a mortar and pestle. Immediately I was reminded of my childhood, how mama thought my sisters how to pound. "Pound it harder", she said. "It is the true test of maindenhood, one mastered by

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We saw him running, his black uniform freely gave him away as a policeman. He held his gun firmly to his side as he ran, panting, sweating and focused. I became scared and curious too, the saliva became hard to swallow, before I knew it, my breathing increased in twos then in threes and soon

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All That Glitters


"I am shocked and surprised that you didn't hear of my wedding. You are not to blame though, I remember you told me about the poor NEPA condition in the area where you and your husband reside. I remember, you said you were on your way to pay for a new house in GRA and

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