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ENUGU, LOVE, AND ENCHANTMENTS by Chinwendu Queenette Nwangwa Chinwendu Q. Nwangwa I should know better. Never return to old lovers, especially the ones who you loved intensely and who you left with fragments of your heart stuck to the sticky palms of the hands attached to their too wide arms; arms too wide that

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From Enugu & Nsukka With Love 1


From Enugu & Nsukka With Love Written by Mount Olympus I’m sitting on a rooftop, smoking. Above me, the dark Asaba sky glitters in starry bliss. All day, I’ve been imprisoned in a spinning web of poetry and wild thoughts of the journey from which I had just returned. I had arrived Nsukka angry.

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You do not know how to love


Written by Emem Alexandra Akpan-Nya Permit me to be harsh. I am bitter. 😔 A STRANGE KIND OF LOVE From the sweating garage worker who tears out a parking ticket for you to the sleek fingered technocrat sitting in a cold office somewhere, you will hear the same declaration… I LOVE MY MOTHER I LOVE MY SISTER

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I quite hate the MTN advert with the blind girl


Written by Nkiru Njoku I was upset when people kept sending it to me to tell me how this would be Didi one day. I know they thought they were being kind and encouraging, but I did not receive any of it that way. It actually always made me very angry. So if I never

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Lagos vs Abuja by Soogun Omoniyi Over the past 24 hours, the Nigerian cyberspace has seen a brutal fight for superiority between the Center of Excellence and the Center of Unity. It is unclear who started this fight or how it started, but in a few minutes, we will know the superior place.

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