3 Kinds of Marriages


 I have been a student of the marriage institution for a while, and I am still learning. Based on what I have learned so far, I believe there are 3 Kinds of Relationships or Marriages. Caveat: This is based on my personal convictions.   1. Godless(or physical) marriage: as the name already implies, these types

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Intending To Marry


The following pieces of information are vital. 1. The marriage institution means different things to different people, so it would be unwise of you to assume every marriage is the same. 2. Individuals are unique, they are wired differently and have gone through different experiences, so the perspective and lens through which they view things,

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Financial Compatibility


Financial Compatibility is when two people in a relationship have an agreement on how money should be handled in a relationship to avoid arguments. Financial Compatibility is a thing and truth be told, it is a very wise thing to do. My partner and I have an understanding of how our financial lives are interwoven

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Boo Finding Strategies For 2020


Strategy isn't only important for business, work and moneymaking venture. Your relationship is also a very important aspect of your life and must be taken seriously. So lay down your own boo finding strategy. ( it's very important) Start with asking yourself WHY you want the Boo. (without answering this question, you will take

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5 Qualities you need to look for in a friend


The word FRIEND had been so bastardized, it has almost lost its meaning. Friendship is deep and entails so much, if you are being truly a friend, you can't have so many people you call friends; you'd be drained if you do that You give of your time, your money, your attention and it isn't

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