The Self Acceptance Revolution


In my daily interactions with young people, one of the most predominant challenges we are faced with is what I call "The Problem of Self. The Problem of Self is a concept that explains the daily battles every individual deals and must deal with as we journey through life. I have learnt by personal

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Convictions: Do You Have Them


One life hack you MUST develop and own is the ability to have your own convictions that may not tally with the crowd and after putting your conviction to test that it's sound, healthy and true (bearing in mind that truth is relative), be ready and convinced to stand by your conviction. Sometimes, you

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Why I Share My Rape Survival Story


There are SPECIFIC and DEFINITE REASONS why I share my rape survival story.It is a very important story of my life that I've decided to share anywhere, with anyone and every point in time with the sole purpose of helping whoever is listening or reading realize the following...Their life doesn't end even if they had

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Every Rapist Suffers Malfunction – Part 1


Every rapist irrespective of age, position, gender, and race suffers two major MALFUNCTIONS and these malfunctions subtly or strongly back up their actions. THE MALFUNCTIONS ARE 1. Lack of Purpose 2. Lack of Love (love for people and love of self) An understanding of this, although unpopular sits at the back of my mind

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