In 2016, I survived stranger rape. After which I launched and convened the Demystify Abuse Campaign: a youth-led advocacy initiative against rape and sexual abuse and, against the stigmatization of victims.

AFTER THE RAPE, I decided against being silent because I knew the power of silence and how it could cripple.

I had also come to a level of understanding that saw rape and sexual abuse was an agenda to limit the growth and development of an individual and that rape was simply a tool by the devil to cause victims survivors to suffer the following: SHAME, SELF-BLAME, DEPRESSION, FEAR, SUICIDE, DISSOCIATION, SHOCK, TRAUMA, DISORIENTATION etc.

And I am certain, all of these are capable of stopping anyone from birthing the greatness they were destined for. I wanted to see survivors live through their experiences and take initiatives to help each other heal.

So far, with the team at Demystify Abuse Campaign, we have achieved the following:

  • Visited 5 secondary schools across Nigeria. (Rivers State and Lagos)
  • Organized 1 outdoor Neighbourhood Outreach.
  • Visited 2 IDP camps.
  • Organized 2 Vulnerability Fest Hangouts.
  • Counselled over 25 survivors.
  • Reached over 5000 persons through our various outreaches.
  • Donated books, clothes, drugs, sanitary pads, food items and stationery.

For more details on what we do and how we do what we do, please visit our BLOG