Download Quick First Aid Guide For Rape Victims


When we go through certain life experiences, and find the path to healing and total recovery, it is part of our life assignment to make the road accessible to others who may be on that journey too. How we choose to serve people may vary from person to person, but one thing is evident

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Why I Share My Rape Survival Story


There are SPECIFIC and DEFINITE REASONS why I share my rape survival story.It is a very important story of my life that I've decided to share anywhere, with anyone and every point in time with the sole purpose of helping whoever is listening or reading realize the following...Their life doesn't end even if they had

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Every Rapist Suffers Malfunction – Part 1


Every rapist irrespective of age, position, gender, and race suffers two major MALFUNCTIONS and these malfunctions subtly or strongly back up their actions. THE MALFUNCTIONS ARE 1. Lack of Purpose 2. Lack of Love (love for people and love of self) An understanding of this, although unpopular sits at the back of my mind

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What is consented rape


Seeing many updates and comments in social media following the issue of rape we are facing, I have come to understand that one of the many toughest battles we are faced with is IGNORANCE. Not even the rape culture that has become a norm is as much problem as our ignorance of the evil called

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