7 Personal Beliefs For When Life Doesn’t Make Sense


These are 7 beliefs that help me make meaning of life, living and guides me through questions that life throw at me. 1. Life here is rehearsal for the spiritual life. 2. We, humans must rise up to the occasion of creating the world we want to live in. 3. In achieving number 2 above,

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I ride solo on this journey. I find company in my own thoughts. I see peace in my own storm. This storm shall be calmed when my peace relies not on fear alone.




I am a woman broken by life. mended by words. I am a woman strong within but chooses to feign weak. I am a woman born of a thousand years wrapped in a swaddling clothes of youthfulness. I am a woman a rare breed built for high times and cry days. I am a woman

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Just Maybe


Just maybe. Maybe the moon asked the sun to tell you a lie. Maybe you believed the lie and bought it. Maybe the sun told the stars to hide your smile. Maybe you truly did hide it for fear of smile-snatchers. Maybe the rain refused to pour, leaving the crops starved of water and care.

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