A Man’s Note To His Wife


I LOVE LOVE STORIES. While we have heard a lot about unsuccessful marriages, it is often a rare and a beautiful privilege to meet two persons who are working at it DAILY thereby showing us (the unmarried) that it can be done. It’s good to know we have good examples to learn from. HERE’s to

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On Pastors And Abuse


While I agree that there are many pastors who are selfish and self centered with no iota of care, concern and compassion for their members and for the general well being of the world at large, I still know a few who are the direct opposite of those described.   I know some who would

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On Spouses And secret ATM pin


Dear Single People, If you were to be married today, would you share your passwords and ATM pin with your spouse? Dear Married folks, does your spouse have your passwords and your ATM pin? Today, our guest writer shares his observation. I just read of a man who is presently in an unconscious state at

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Say No to Abusive Relationships


Yet again my heart goes out to women in abusive relationships even marriages. Though I do not understand why a person will be in a abusive relationship and still stay in the relationship; suffering and not smiling, but some suffering and smiling, but I guess, they do not recognize it is abusive. The genesis and

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