I Was Once Confused


I grew up confused, and unsure of why I existed. Life and living was a routine, I had no definite direction: woke up everyday, joined the rat race, attended school, do what everyone was doing because “that’s how we’ve been doing it”, or “that’s how we met it”. As I questioned norms, traditions, and life;

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A love gift


Maureen is a love gift from Jesus Christ, committed to seeing you reclaim your identity, and equipping you to rise above the experience and unwrapping the God-ness in you.     This began as a personal journey, one I actively and intentional made a decision to take in 2012.     And 9 years later,

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4 Steps To Creating The Week You’d Love


One of the reasons we get angry or frustrated by the the end of the week is, realizing we achieved nothing or nothing significant. This can be attributed to one word we intentionally or ignorantly neglected: PLANNING. We allow things and life to happen to us without our active participation. Then we spend so much

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Why I Share My Rape Survival Story


There are SPECIFIC and DEFINITE REASONS why I share my rape survival story.It is a very important story of my life that I've decided to share anywhere, with anyone and every point in time with the sole purpose of helping whoever is listening or reading realize the following...Their life doesn't end even if they had

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Two Legit Reasons Why You Should Change Your Church


If you went to church today and it was just a normal routine that you had to do and you have been doing it for a long time and your life has not been transformed or at least on the path to transformation following the Galatians 5:22-23 template, then you either need to take a

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